July 9, 2024

Scientific Knowledge

“Learning is never done without errors.”

kalyan singh chandel

Scientific Knowledge is a free educational platform for all students. My name is Kalyan Singh Chandel. I am lecturer of Chemistry. I will taught you the easy method for learning science by activity and fun. I have already worked in REGIONAL SCIENCE CENTER, Bhopal, so that I have a lot of experience of activity and learning methods of science.

In this website we are providing study material of Science for Class – 6th to 10th and Chemistry for Class – 11th to 12th in Hindi and English medium for CBSE and State board which is based on NCERT. In this website we also are providing Foundation Material of Science for Class 6th to 10th. 

In this website you can watch all video lectures of activity like JADU NAHI VIGYAN HAI and all your study materials. In this website you will download study materials, NCERT Solution, and CBSE Text book chapter wise and much more. I will always ready to help for you. Thanks for visiting scientificknowledge.in site.



Kalyan Singh Chandel

(M.Sc. (Chemistry) B.Ed.)

Founder and CEO


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