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Scientific Knowledge

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II-Term Syllabus for CLASS –IX (2021-22)

SCIENCE (Subject Code – 086)

Syllabus for CLASS –IX (2021-22)


Units Term – II Marks
I Matter-Its Nature and Behaviour: Chapter 3 and 4 18
II Organization in the Living World: Chapter -13 08
III Motion, Force and Work: 10 and 11 14
Total Theory (Term II) 40
Internal Assessment: (Term II) 10
Grand Total 50



Chapter – 3 Atoms and Molecules

Particle nature and their basic units: Atoms and molecules, Law of constant proportions, Atomic and molecular masses. Mole concept: Relationship of mole to mass of the particles and numbers.

Chapter – 4 Structure of Atom

Structure of atoms: Electrons, protons and neutrons, valency, chemical formula of common compounds. Isotopes and Isobars.



Chapter – 10 Gravitation

Gravitation: Gravitation; Universal Law of Gravitation, Force of Gravitation of the earth (gravity), Acceleration due to Gravity; Mass and Weight; Free fall.

Chapter – 11 Work and Energy

Work, energy and power: Work done by a Force, Energy, power; Kinetic and Potential energy; Law of conservation of energy.



Chapter – 13 Why do we fall ill

Health and Diseases: Health and its failure. Infectious and Non-infectious diseases, their causes and manifestation. Diseases caused by microbes (Virus, Bacteria and Protozoans) and their prevention; Principles of treatment and prevention. Pulse Polio programmes.




Practicals should be conducted alongside the concepts taught in theory classes.





  1. Determination of the density of solid (denser than water) by using a spring balance and a measuring Unit-III:(Chapter–10)
  2. Establishing the relation between the loss in weight of a solid when fully immersed in
    1. Tap water
    2. Strongly salty water with the weight of water displaced by it by taking at least two different Unit-III: (Chapter–10)
  3. Verification of the law of conservation of mass in a chemical Unit-I: (Chapter–3)

Assessment Areas (Theory) 2021-22 (Class X)

Competencies Marks
Demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding 46 %
Application of Knowledge/Concepts 22 %
Analyze, Evaluate and Create 32 %


  1. Internal choice would be

Internal Assessment – Term II (10 Marks)

  1. Periodic Assessment – 03 marks
  2. Multiple Assessment – 02 marks
  3. Subject Enrichment (Practical Work) – 03 marks
  4. Portfolio – 02 marks


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