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Scientific Knowledge

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Science Syllabus for CLASS –IX (2021-22)

SCIENCE (Subject Code – 086)

Syllabus for CLASS –IX (2021-22)

Science Sample paper Class-IX for Term-I exam 2021

Units Term- I Marks
I Matter-Its Nature and Behaviour: Chapter – 2 09
II Organization in the Living World: Chapter – 5 and 6 18
III Motion, Force and Work: Chapter – 8 and 9 13
Total Theory (Term I) 40
Internal Assessment: (Term I) 10
Grand Total 50


                                                                             TERM – I


Chapter – 2 Is matter around us Pure

Nature of matter: Elements, compounds and mixtures. Heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures, colloids and suspensions.



Chapter – 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life

Cell – Basic Unit of life: Cell as a basic unit of life; prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, multicellular organisms; cell membrane and cell wall, cell organelles and cell inclusions; chloroplast, mitochondria, vacuoles, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus; nucleus, chromosomes – basic structure, number.

Chapter – 6 Tissues

Tissues, Organs, Organ System, Organism: Structure and functions of animal and plant tissues (only four types of tissues in animals; Meristematic and Permanent tissues in plants).


Chapter – 8 Motion

Motion: Distance and displacement, velocity; uniform and non-uniform motion along a straight line; acceleration, distance-time and velocity-time graphs for uniform motion and uniformly accelerated motion, derivation of equations of motion by graphical method; elementary idea of uniform circular motion.

Chapter – 9 Force and Laws of Motion

Force and Newton’s laws: Force and Motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Action and Reaction forces, Inertia of a body, Inertia and mass, Momentum, Force and Acceleration. Elementary idea of conservation of Momentum.


Science Sample paper Class-IX for Term-I exam 2021


Practicals should be conducted alongside the concepts taught in theory classes.




  1. Preparation of:
    1. a true solution of common salt, sugar and alum
    2. a suspension of soil, chalk powder and fine sand in water
    3. a colloidal solution of starch in water and egg albumin/milk in water and distinguish between these on the basis of
      • transparency
      • filtration criterion
      • stability Unit-I: (Chapter -2)
    4. Preparation of
      1. A mixture
      2. A compound

Using iron filings and sulphur powder and distinguishing between these on the basis of:

  1. appearance, i.e., homogeneity and heterogeneity
  2. Behaviour towards a magnet
  • Behaviour towards carbon disulphide as a solvent
  1. effect of heat Unit-I:(Chapter-2)
  2. Perform the following reactions and classify them as physical or chemical changes
    1. Iron with copper sulphate solution in water
    2. Burning of magnesium ribbon in air
    3. Zinc with dilute sulphuric acid
    4. Heating of copper sulphate crystals
    5. Sodium sulphate with barium chloride in the form of their solutions in

             Unit-I: (Chapter-2)

  1. Preparation of stained temporary mounts of (a) onion peel, (b) human cheek cells & to record observations and draw their labeled Unit-II: (Chapter-5)
  2. Identification of Parenchyma, Collenchyma and Sclerenchyma tissues in plants, striped, smooth and cardiac muscle fibers and nerve cells in animals, from prepared slides. Draw their labeled Unit-II: (Chapter-6)

Internal Assessment – Term I  (10 Marks)

  1. Periodic Assessment – 03 marks
  2. Multiple Assessment – 02 marks
  3. Subject Enrichment (Practical Work) – 03 marks
  4. Portfolio – 02 marks

Science Syllabus for CLASS –IX (2021-22)?

Science Syllabus 9th 2021-22?

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